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All our rhinoplasty procedures are customized for achieving well-balanced facial features.

Rhinoplasty by Pitangui

The nose is pivotal to the rest of the face and, being the main central feature, can dramatically alter the overall look of a person. Rhinoplasty, or nose surgery, has become a popular treatment that changes the shape and profile of the nose. It is not only performed for aesthetic reasons, issues with the nose such as a deviated septum, can lead to medical issues and breathing problems. Furthermore, Eastern Asian and Korean faces are generally wider with a shallow nasal bridge, which makes the face appear even wider and so this type of corrective surgery has become more and more commonplace.

Our skilled surgeons at Pitangui Medical and Beauty are committed to providing our patients with the highest quality rhinoplasty procedures in South Korea. The range of nasal surgeries include:

Low Nose Bridge & Short Nose Tip Treatment

Low Nose Bridge & Short Nose Tip

This surgery aims to restructure the nose, particularly between the nasal tip and bridge. The procedure generally enlarges the nose in an effort to balance the width of the face and complement the distance between the eyes, while lengthening the comparatively short Asian nose. Available as open and closed incision.

Nose Correction Treatments

Long Nose Correction

A procedure used to shorten a long nose profile which will give you a Baby-face and youthful effect. It corrects the length of the nose to balance out the facial features.

Hooked Nose Correction

Surgery to smooth out the bump on the nose bridge caused by a hooked nose. Corrects a stern and gives a pleasing side profile .

Crooked Nose Correction

A crooked nose can arise as a result of trauma, due to accident or sports injury, or is a hereditary feature. This procedure aims to straighten the nose bridge and correct the curvature of the septum.

Bulbous Nosetip Reduction Treatment

Bulbous Nosetip Reduction

A bulbous nose means having a thickly dilated nasal ridge and tip, and is a prominent feature found in Asian faces. This procedure aims to raise the nose profile to achieve a classic, slim nasal bridge. It can be combined with other rhinoplasty procedures.

Paranasal Implant Treatment

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Paranasal Implant

Paranasal augmentation with custom-made silicone implants is a safe and effective method that can readily improve the lateral profile of a patient with a mild concavity of the nose and central facial area. It is a fully customisable procedure.

Male Nose Treatment


Male Nose

Male rhinoplasty procedures are becoming more and more popular, as males look to enhance their male beauty. Achieve a straight line profile to enhance masculinity.

Nose Revision Treatments


Nose Revision

Unfortunately, nose surgery can go wrong and other, less professional clinics, may have carried out sub-standard work. Don’t worry, Pitangui Medical and Beauty can easily rectify issues that may have occurred and give you a second chance to achieve that perfect look.

Why Choose Us?

Pitangui Medical & Beauty has been successfully delivering a wide range of Plastic surgery, aesthetic and dental treatments to patients from Korea and internationally, for over 30 years. As such, we have developed an unsurpassed level of excellence in surgical procedures which can rarely be matched by other clinics. We are proud of our accident-free record, high levels of patient satisfaction and onward recommendations.

Pitangui is rated as the leading plastic surgery clinic in Korea. Our treatments are based on over 30 years’ of experience in delivering trusted plastic surgery to more than  30,000 patients.

We strive to deliver the highest standard of safety, care and quality. Our aim is to be the number one choice clinic for Korean citizens and international patients.

What Our Customers Say

“My nose has always been flat, and I felt very self-conscious. It would stop me socializing sometimes, so I wanted to change it. Pitangui’s nose surgery seemed perfect for me so I took the plunge and contacted them for consultation. My experience was amazing, I am so pleased I made the right choice.”
“Having been teased at school over my nose, I wanted to change things. Pitangui Medical & Beauty understood me right from the start. Their approach was second to none, and they have indeed transformed my looks. Thank you to you all!”

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