Forehead Implant​

Operation Time

1 hour

Anesthesia Method

Local/IV Sedation

Thread Removal

10 days

Recovery Process

10 days

What is Forehead implant?

The presentation of the forehead is important to the overall beauty of the face. An uneven, wrinkled forehead can create an older and less refined appearance, whereas a forehead with a more voluminous and smoother finish will create a more beautiful and elegant look. 

Pitangui’s forehead contouring procedure is a safe and simple treatment that inserts a prosthesis into the forehead. This fills, lifts and plumps out the forehead to create a beautifully smooth and natural looking finish.  

Forehead implant procedure

  1. A small incision is made inside the scalp to prepare for the prosthetic implant. 
  1. Neat and careful suturing is performed to ensure no scarring.   

  1. Having the incised part sutured so scars are not remained.

Features of
Forehead implant

Clear and voluminous forehead:

Smooth forehead contour creating a beautiful aesthetic finish.

Permanent effect

Long-lasting smooth and wrinkle-free forehead, often the treatment will be permanent.

Customized prosthesis

Bespoke, customized prosthesis for each patient resulting in a completely natural look.

Pictures before and after an operation

Individual Results may vary depending on many factors, not all patients “feel” or achieve the same results.

What Our Customers Say

“I was always worried about the look of my forehead, it had prominent wrinkles and I felt I had to hide it under my fringe. The Pitangui Forehead Implant Procedure seemed a good match for what I needed. The doctor explained everything to me so I felt at ease. I am so glad I had the surgery, it was fantastic.”
“Fine lines on my forehead had turned into deep furrows with age. The only remedy I saw was plastic surgery. A friend recommended Pitangui, and how right he was. Thank you to all the kind and professional staff.”
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