Facial Contouring in Korea

We help to achieve a harmonious image by adjusting the overall balance of the face.

Pitangui's Facial Contouring

Facial contouring surgery aims to sculpt the shape and profile of the face, resulting in a smaller, smoother facial line. The face really is the main focal point of an individual, so if you are unhappy with a certain aspect of your face whether it be your chin, cheekbone or jawline, Pitangui Medical and Beauty can offer the solution.

Cheekbone Reduction Surgery

Cheekbone Reduction

Cheekbone surgery is a simple and effective procedure that can result in a remarkable change to the facial profile. Patients may consider themselves to have a wide, flat face, prominent cheekbones or a face that looks bigger than it is actually is on photographs. This treatment will improve sagging cheeks and naturally reduce the size of the face. It creates a natural, harmonious profile in balance with the rest of the face.

Square Jaw Reduction Surgery

Square Jaw Reduction

This operation transforms a square jaw bone into a smoother angle opening up your whole appearance. If you are unhappy with your square jaw and feel it gives a sharp and masculine finish, contact Pitangui to discuss the procedure. We offer one-to-one consultation with fully customized and bespoke surgery to help you achieve your perfect look.



This surgery corrects the profile of the chin if the bones of your face and jaws are out of balance with each other. The surgery will take place under a general anaesthetic and can be carried out at the same time as other corrective surgery on your jaw. It makes a V-line shape of the chin through partial reduction and is ideal if you feel you have a round shaped, dull looking jaw.

Short Chin Surgery


Short Chin Surgery

A person's face can appear short and the lips relatively protruded if the chin is unusually receded. We use a small prosthetic implant to enhance the length of the chin which transforms the facial form into a slim, v-line contour.

Forehead Implant Treatment

Forehead Implant

Forehead implant surgery is a surgical procedure for enhancing the shape and volume of the forehead using fat graft or implant. This is a popular choice at Pitangui and produces a smoother, sleeker, forehead that is in balance with the overall facial line.

Why Choose Us?

Pitangui Medical & Beauty has been successfully delivering a wide range of Plastic surgery, aesthetic and dental treatments to patients from Korea and internationally, for over 30 years. As such, we have developed an unsurpassed level of excellence in surgical procedures which can rarely be matched by other clinics. We are proud of our accident-free record, high levels of patient satisfaction and onward recommendations.

Pitangui is rated as the leading plastic surgery clinic in Korea. Our treatments are based on over 30 years’ of experience in delivering trusted plastic surgery to more than  30,000 patients.

We strive to deliver the highest standard of safety, care and quality. Our aim is to be the number one choice clinic for Korean citizens and international patients.

What Our Customers Say

“My chin protruded beyond my natural face line. After an in-depth consultation with the doctor he recommended the genioplasty. The procedure was well planned and executed. The results were just what I had imagined, and I am so happy. Thank you.”
Hong Kong
“I was unhappy with my wide and angular face. I wanted it to be more petite and sleek. The consultant at Pitangui was very helpful and informative. We opted for the cheekbone reduction operation and once the initial swelling had gone down, I was out and about showing off my new look.”

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