Cheekbone Reduction

Operation Time

1 hour

Anesthesia Method


Thread Removal

14 days

Recovery Process

14 days

What is Cheekbone reduction?

Pitangui’s Cheekbone Reduction treatment creates the perfect facial contour to correct sagging through an advanced treatment designed to pull up skin and reduce facial puffiness.  This minimally invasive treatment requires no use of plates or wires, and so fixes with minimal evidence.  

Process of Cheekbone Reduction

  1. Careful surgical correction of the cheekbone to add required definition to the cheekbone.  
  1. Precision lifting of the skin and muscle to prevent sagging cheekbone

Smooth Face Line

Features of Cheekbone Reduction

Curvy and three-dimensional

Making the face look smaller than it is, to add a sense of dimension.

Natural finish

Makes an even more natural, harmonious image by adjusting the overall balance of the face.

Slim face line

Completing the V-line facial form through horizontal reduction.

Preventing sagging cheeks

Preventing sagging cheeks based on our sophisticated operational technique.

No fixing pins

Minimal scarring and evidence of surgery due to the absence of fixing pins

Pictures before and after an operation

Individual Results may vary depending on many factors, not all patients “feel” or achieve the same results.

What Our Customers Say

“I was unhappy with my wide and angular face. I wanted it to be more petite and sleek. The consultant at Pitangui was very helpful and informative. We opted for the cheekbone reduction operation and once the initial swelling had gone down, I was out and about showing off my new look.”
“My cheekbone reduction procedure was a bit daunting, but the staff at Pitangui were very sensitive and caring. They explained everything to me and I felt well prepared. I would highly recommend them to anyone considering plastic surgery in Korea.”

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