Calf Reduction

Operation Time

1 hour

Anesthesia Method

Local/IV Sedation

Thread Removal

Not necessary

Recovery Process

7 days

What is calf reduction surgery?

This surgery will reshape uneven calves making them look smoother and slimmer. We carefully analyze the characteristics of your calves through precision consultation to plan the most suitable treatment to achieve a beautiful leg line. 

Process of Calf Reduction

No-incision nerve block:

This approach selectively blocks gastrocnemius nerves on the calves using the heat of high frequency energy. Unlike chemical neurolysis, which is more prone to side effects, this treatment rarely damages surrounding tissues as it targets muscle tissue directly. Pitangui’s calf reduction procedure will not burn muscles directly allowing a quick return to normal daily life.

Liposuction of the calves:

This is suitable when the subcutaneous fat and muscle are excessively developed on the calves. We use high-tech laser treatment to correct the calf muscle profile making them smoother and slimmer.

Botulinum Injections:

This method reduces muscle function by temporarily paralyzing gastrocnemius muscle on the calves. This quick procedure enables you to resume normal activities in a short time.

Features of Calf Reduction

Customized surgery

Bespoke, tailored approach depending on the condition of the calf muscles, fats and dema layer.

Smooth calf line

Achieve a smooth contour and outline to the whole leg area.

Quick return to daily life

As there is minimal tissue damage and no-incision the patient can quickly return to their daily routine.

Pictures before and after an operation

Individual Results may vary depending on many factors, not all patients “feel” or achieve the same results.

What Our Customers Say

“I felt self-conscious wearing skirts, so opted for the calf reduction surgery at my local clinic, Pitangui. The procedure was straightforward and the recovery quick. Now I love to buy new dresses.”
Ji Hee
“I was dissatisfied with my leg shape, the calves were too wide. I approached Dr Jea Sung, Yoo who recommended the calf reduction surgery. He was right, the treatment was easy and the results very effective.”

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