Breast Surgery In Korea​

Our Teardrop Breast Augmentation and Breast Lift surgeries realize perfect and natural looking breasts through an advanced plastic surgery technique.

Breast Surgery by Pitangui

A woman can experience changes in her breasts due to age, as a result of breastfeeding or from weight gain/loss. The breast is the pride of a woman and most women aspire to achieve an aesthetically pleasing breast contour. 

The world-renowned specialist surgeons at Pitangui Medical and Beauty in Seoul, Korea, are highly skilled and experienced in performing breast surgery to the very highest standards possible. Hundreds of women have benefited from receiving plastic surgery of the breast at Pitangui, and satisfaction rates are extremely high.

Breast Augmentation Treatments

Teardrop Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation is a surgical procedure that involves the enlargement of the breasts. Women may choose to have the surgery due to either drooping breasts (ptosis) or to achieve a more pleasing upper body profile. Breast enlargement procedures involve inserting breast implants that push the breast tissue superiorly and fill the overall breast area. It is a safe surgery with minimal swelling and scarring using FDA-certified breast implants.

Breast Lift Treatment

Breast Lift

Childbirth, age and significant weight loss can all contribute to sagging of breasts and, for many women, can mean a dramatic loss of body confidence. Breast lift surgery aims to raise the breast by tightening the surrounding tissue to give the breast more shape and support. The breast shape created at Pitangui is always in harmony with the rest of your body shape. It can relieve back and shoulder pain caused by sagging pendulous breasts.

Why Choose Us?

Pitangui Medical & Beauty has been successfully delivering a wide range of Plastic surgery, aesthetic and dental treatments to patients from Korea and internationally, for over 30 years. As such, we have developed an unsurpassed level of excellence in surgical procedures which can rarely be matched by other clinics. We are proud of our accident-free record, high levels of patient satisfaction and onward recommendations.

Pitangui is rated as the leading plastic surgery clinic in Korea. Our treatments are based on over 30 years’ of experience in delivering trusted plastic surgery to more than  30,000 patients.

We strive to deliver the highest standard of safety, care and quality. Our aim is to be the number one choice clinic for Korean citizens and international patients.

What Our Customers Say

“I was unhappy with the shape of my breasts, so decided to research breast augmentation options. I decided to travel to Pitangui from the UK, so it was a big decision to make. I could not be happier with the outcome and am so pleased I took the plunge.”
Hong Kong
“Breast augmentation surgery at Pitangui was recommended to me by a friend. They had looked elsewhere before deciding Pitangui was the best option. I totally agree with their recommendation, I totally rate them 5 out of 5!!”

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