Body Contouring​

Achieve a balanced body line and stunning contours.

  • Brazilian Buttocks Augmentation ​
  • Liposuction

Pitangui’s Body Contouring Surgeries

Many people are dissatisfied with the way they look, perhaps the want a more pert behind, curvaceous hips or shapely leg? Lacking self confidence in your body can really affect your morale, so perhaps it is time you took control and looked at our range of body enhancing surgeries that will leave you with the body you always dreamed of.

Brazilian Buttocks Augmentation Treatment


Brazilian Buttocks Augmentation

This specialist treatment looks to create a more shapely rear through the transferral of your own body fat to the buttock area. This approach creates an amazingly natural finish because fat is your own body’s substance and therefore little chance of rejection.
Augmenting your buttocks with your own body fat can look very natural and because fat is your own body’s substance, there is little chance for rejection. The procedure also has the benefit of removing the fat from anywhere on the body that you don’t want it and depositing where you do. You will achieve fuller and rounder hips and buttocks, and longer looking legs.

Calf Reduction Treatment


Calf Reduction

Calf reduction surgery was first developed in Korea to address a common issue amongst many Asians; disproportionately short and muscular thighs. Long and thin calves are considered more beautiful, and Pitangui’s calf surgery will allow you to achieve natural looking, slim yet shapely legs.
Three methods available; nerve block, liposuction or fillers.

Liposuction Treatment



Liposuction is a sophisticated method that uses suction to remove accumulated fats. It can be used in almost any area of the body, from the thighs, hips, stomach and face. Fats are painlessly removed and can be redistributed after centrifugation and can be used in conjunction with ‘Accusculpt’ Laser treatment to finish and tighten the skin. It is a common, simple and very effective approach.

Tummy Tuck Treatment


Tummy Tuck

Childbirth, age and significant weight gain can all cause the stomach area to gain accumulated fats, swell and lead to an unpleasing body line. Pitangui’s Tummy Tuck surgery aims to skim, shape and smooth down the stomach area through a combination of liposuction and abdominoplasty. It removes flabby abdominal muscle to correct the stomach profile.
Quick recovery and minimal scarring hidden by bikini line or underwear.

Why Choose Us?

Pitangui Medical & Beauty has been successfully delivering a wide range of Plastic surgery, aesthetic and dental treatments to patients from Korea and internationally, for over 30 years. As such, we have developed an unsurpassed level of excellence in surgical procedures which can rarely be matched by other clinics. We are proud of our accident-free record, high levels of patient satisfaction and onward recommendations.

Pitangui is rated as the leading plastic surgery clinic in Korea. Our treatments are based on over 30 years’ of experience in delivering trusted plastic surgery to more than  30,000 patients.

We strive to deliver the highest standard of safety, care and quality. Our aim is to be the number one choice clinic for Korean citizens and international patients.

What Our Customers Say

“Every girl wants to turn heads and feel confident. I felt skinny and un-shapely from behind, so opted for the Brazilian Buttocks treatment. WOW – what a difference, I now go out wearing my jeans with pride!”
“I had Liposuction done to smooth down my abdomen. Exercise alone never seemed to reach that troubled spot, so Dr Jea Sung Yoo recommended this procedure. I am so happy with the outcome, I can enjoy wearing cropped tops and bikinis again!”

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