Working with Your Plastic Surgeon – What You Need to Know and Questions to Ask

January 11, 2017 Published by admin

When visiting our plastic surgery clinic in Korea, or any other clinic you will want to have a consultation with our plastic surgeons. You want to ensure that both you and the surgeon have a clear understanding of your expectations and what is required prior to and after the surgery.

When you meet with our plastic surgery team at our Korea facility you will want to ask several questions. Our team is happy to answer these questions for you and make sure you feel comfortable with the procedure and with the surgeon. Here are a few questions:


What is your experience with the procedure?

You want to ask the surgeon this question to ensure that he or she has performed this procedure successfully. You might also ask to see before and after pictures to determine if the results are what you are looking for. Be sure that the plastic surgeon is fully certified and qualified. At Pitangui Plastic Surgery in Korea our team has extensive experience in various procedures. They will be happy to provide you with a list of their credentials.


What should I do to prepare for the surgery?

All surgeries are different and require different things before the procedure. For example, with some procedures you might be required to lose weight, limit your diet or take specific medication. Be sure to ask your plastic surgeon what is required of you and mention any allergies you might have.


Are there any risks to the procedure?

Of course many plastic surgeries have risks. It is important that you understand all of the risks and complications that could occur, and what you should do should any of them occur.


What do I need to know for after the surgery?

At Pitangui Plastic Surgery in Korea, we will explain everything you need to know about the care required after your procedure. We will also review the recovery process and any necessary measures you should take following the surgery.


If you are planning on getting a plastic surgery procedure, our team at Pitangui Plastic Surgery can help. Schedule your consultation with us today and be sure to ask the questions above, as well as any other questions you might have. You can visit us at: http://pitanguiplasticsurgery.com/