rhinoplastiy surgery


March 23, 2017 Published by admin

Rhinoplasty surgery is a revelation to the women who have used it to transform their facial appearance. I just heard a rhinoplasty surgery in Pitangui Plastic Surgery Clinic Korea. After a lot of search it did catch my eye for the reason of it being considerably cheap and also for the fact that it is one of the oldest plastic surgery clinics in South Korea.


Rhinoplasty in Korea is basically having your nose done preferably saying nose job. Whatever they did to me was so artistic I can barely get myself off the mirror all day. The experience was life changing and I can no longer wake up every morning with that gloomy face wondering when am gonna have that nose I desire. Enough with all that and let’s move to my exhilarating experience.


So I fast kept in touch with the people and the major issue was how many days I needed to spend in South Korea it was only nine days seven for the surgery visits before the stitches came out and obviously I had to spend the rest smelling the fresh air of South Korea. I was put under general anesthesia since I was not ready to feel the noises of doctors working on my nose.


So I wake up to this ugly face looking all pink and having this bandage and after keenly following the list of what and what not to do. Most being that I should not let the bandage fall off my face. My face got in shape after eighteen days so to all those wishing to have the rhinoplasty surgery done it might take around two to three weeks before you feel that little bit of confidence in you. But before getting to look that natural then it will most definitely take four months to feel completely yourself and starting to take those million plus selfies of the most perfect nose.


So now it’s been one year and what I was wondering most is whether the nose job was gonna fall off any time soon but it still looks as new as the time I felt natural in it but getting an answer for that is so hard as mine have not fallen off yet. Come and check our clinic of Plastic surgery Korea if you are interested in Rhinoplasty in Korea.