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Wedding care

LEE Na-yeong Aesthetics will make your most beautiful moment even better.

You deserve to be at your best on your wedding day. Since we fully understand your wish, we will be our utmost to make you the most beautiful bride on earth.

Bridal Care


  • - Brides who are about to get married
  • - Regular customers who want to see results in a short period of time
  • - Those who are concerned about striae distensae and goose flesh
  • - Those who have worried about the whole body obesity or the partial obesity
  • - Those who are not happy with too much hair on the body


  • - Your face will be radiant and dewy for wedding pictures
  • - Your face will take the make up perfectly and long.
  • - Slim waist
  • - Slim shoulders
  • - You will get rid of stress gained by wedding preparation while you receive the treatment.

Why do you need to receive the care treatment?

  • With the wedding day around the corner, you will get stress more than you have expected. That will make your skin rough and old.
    We have prepared the ultimate bridal care program for you so that you could be the most charming bride on earth on your wedding day. The special wedding care treatment will make you the most attractive bride in the history.

  • - We will be conducting the program in the different order according to a customer’s individual condition.
  • - We will be conducting the program in the different order according to a customer’s individual condition.

B&B Care (Bikini & Brazilian Care) Bridal waxing

  • Public waxing has been a great success in foreign countries. More and more celebrities and models are getting the treatment every day.
  • In general, hair is believed to have two roles which are keeping the body temperature and shock-absorbing!!
    In our very primitive times, we did not have anything to wear and we bumped into anything around us. That is why we needed hair so badly back then. However, on the contrary, now, the hair is not that necessary.
  • Bridal waxing 1. Wedding photo shoot

  • Area- You should get arms, legs and armpits waxed no matter what!! Everyone will see the areas when they take pictures of you.
    If you insist shaving without waxing, you will get your arms and legs very much darkish as if there have been new spots on the areas. For the public hair, you can have it waxed if desired but, if you are thinking of wearing a pair of bikini on your honeymoon, you are recommended for waxing of the area. If you find your hair thick, growing so fast or if you are a beginner to waxing, it can wait until the wedding day because the hair would not grow that fast on your honeymoon. If you wax on a regular basis, the hair will grow slower and thinner which will feel as soft as downy hair afterwards.
  • It would be better for you to have it waxed 2~3days before the wedding shoot.
    Right after the waxing, you may have some irritation but it will get disappeared by the next day. For those who have sensitive skin, however, the irritation will go for about 2~3 days.

  • Bridal waxing 2. Wedding and honeymoon

  • Areas – arms, legs, armpits, public hair

    The hair waxed before the wedding shoot will grow again around your wedding day. Some brides find that the hair would not grow again but most of them will find the hair one or two months after the waxing. Nowadays, the couples go to tropical countries for their honeymoons and you will need a pair of bikini for sure. Hence, in order to prevent an accident for you to show any of the public hair, you should get it waxed before going on a honeymoon.

  • The waxing should be done 2~3days before the wedding.
    If you do the waxing too early you will have hair back on your wedding day or the honeymoon. And, if you get the waxing done right before the wedding day, any possible irritation will not go away until the honeymoon. Since you are not allowed for intercourse, sauna or excessive exercise 2-3 days after the waxing, you are recommended to have a reservation in advance. To have the arms, the legs, the armpits and public hair all waxed, it will take about 2~3 hours which would make you have a reservation for sure.

  • Bikini

  • Waxing for neatly arranged bikini line
    It is called bikini waxing and is the most basic treatment of all other waxing treatments. Only with the bikini waxing, you will not be worried about hair when you wear a pair of bikini!!!
  • Design

  • Bikini line+labia majora+anus
    You will be very much satisfied with your neatly arranged bikini line after the treatment. It is the original waxing skill that you will find only in LEE Na-yeong Aesthetics!!
  • All-nude

  • The whole hairs will be removed.
    You will feel as if you are a child again. It is efficient waxing for a couple. All-nude waxing will give you convenience when you have your period or in shower. If you have too much public hair, you should get this all-nude waxing!!

What is good about Brazilian Waxing?

  • - It looks good externally. You can be a child again.
  • - You may prevent germ propagation as your hair is removed.
  • - It is good for prevention of women’s diseases. Highly hygienic!! As hair around the vagina and the anus are waxed, you will have less of unpleasant smell and moisture. Lowers the inflammation rate (by more than 99%)
  • - A very special surprise for your loved one. You will be sexually attractive much more than before and will have a very satisfactory intercourse =)
    Brazilian Waxing can be done to the men too! For you lovely girlfriends, you should get hair waxed!!
    When you have the intercourse, women are more likely to get any obstetric diseases. Do you care for your girlfriend? Then, go for Brazilian Waxing!!
  • - No worries if you have hair appear through a pair of white bikini
  • - As unnecessary dead skin cells are removed the skin around the perineum gets brightened. You will have less of hair with thinner hair.
  • - Can be done for fun. It will lighten you up!
  • - You will not have any hair left on your underwear.

We bet that you have been annoyed by so much hair before. With Brazilian Waxing, you will not have any hair appear on a side of your bikini line. Believe us!

  • You will have eve the most private area beautifully decorated with Brazilian Waxing!!
    Brazilian Waxing is recommended for those who…
  • - have so much public hair
  • - want to have a special moment with the loved one
  • - want to have a very different experience throughout lifetime
  • - want to surprise the loved one
  • - go swimming
  • - want to have thin downy hair down there
  • - enjoy wearing bikini and thong
  • - suffer from vaginitis because of too much public hair
  • - feel inconvenience during the period because of hair
  • - are expecting a baby (about nine months pregnant)

You may not have received Brazilian Waxing before in your life but, once you get it done, you will do it again for sure!!
We use the most high-quality wax and a disposable spatula!!

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