eyelid surgery


May 29, 2017 Published by admin

Double eyelid surgery is one of the most widely performed surgeries in Korea. This surgery is performed to persons who have mono lids and would prefer to have a double eyelids. Before the performance of the surgery, one has to consult solely with the surgeon to make sure of how they would like their eyes to look after the surgery.


There are different types of eyelid surgeries performed in double eyelid surgery clinics Korea. These surgeries give different result depending on how each one is performed and so one will have to choose wisely. The buried double eyelid surgery. This type of double eyelid surgery is performed to persons who have deep buried eyelids and would therefore prefer them to be exposed a little as double and not as single as they appear to be. It is popular to those who have naturally buried eyelids but not to those who have have plump and swollen eyes naturally. Plastic surgery clinic Korea performs this surgery with precision that the scars disappear within 2-3 days and thereafter one would have the new look that they wanted.


There is also the incisional double eyelid surgery which is a sure method of having double eyelids untied.  This is the most common methods used by plastic surgery clinic Korea to adjust the skin around the eyelids, the muscles, fat, and connective tissue that are within the line of incision to have the desired double eyelid line. This method also gets rid of the wrinkles effect by removing the extra sagging skin that is around the eyelids.


The third type of double eyelid surgery used in Korea is the partial incision double eyelid surgery. This type provides minimum incision and therefore yields very good results as compared to other double eyelid surgeries done.  With these surgeries done in plastic surgery clinics Korea, one is able to get the look they desire.


The bruising of the surgeries disappear within a period of 2-4 weeks while recovery process takes a little more than one month to be complete. Apart from the medical period, the speed of the recovery also depends on the thickness of the skin and also the type of double eyeli8d surgery performed on the patient, but overally the entire process of complete healing and total functionality of ones eyelids will take a period of 6 months to a period of one year. Generally, plastic surgery clinics Korea offers the best double eyelids surgeries.