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April 25, 2017 Published by admin

Perfecting your appearance boosts your self-esteem as well as your confidence. You want to have all the attention on you when you have something to say. Perfecting your looks is your chance to walk in confidence and command a room when you are trying to put your points across. Plastic surgery Korea is your go to solution for a more permanent improvement on your features that you are uncomfortable with.


Plastic surgery Korea aims to provide you with the state of the art procedures that attend to your specific needs. Our experienced surgeons attend to your every concern in order to get the results that you are comfortable with. You should know that you are in good hands as these surgeons have several years of experience that ensures that the procedure is carried out with the utmost care.

What you should understand about plastic surgery is that it has improved over the years with technology. The results are tremendous and flawless. There are always concerns about certain risks involved with the procedure such as anesthesia reactions some people may have. But these concerns have been researched and handled over the years and our team is very informed on all the risks that come with plastic surgery Korea.


Say you were to undergo a double eyelid surgery Korea. Our team gives you all the necessary information concerned with the procedure and also it is important that you converse with them any medical concerns you may have or previous procedures you may have undergone to better get your medical history.


Double eyelid surgery Korea is the most common procedure that most of our customers come in for and the results are flawless. It may be incisional or non-incisional depending on your eyelids. For the incisional, it usually involves a little bit of surgery on the eyelids where they are slit to allow more eye lashes to grow and be longer. It is a fairly natural process that does not rely on cosmetics but improves your eyelashes naturally. There procedure is very detailed in our brochures and on our website and should you have any queries, feel free to ask.


Here at Pitangui Plastic surgery Korea we dedicate ourselves to providing satisfaction to our clients and build a long lasting relationship that allows us to recommend other procedures that may have profound change on your appearance. We are always available and ready to assist you to look your best. Visit our offices and book an appointment when you are done reading this.