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April 14, 2017 Published by admin

With the very many Plastic Surgery Clinics in Korea there has been the need to evaluate and list the best for your liposuction requirements. So let me tell you about liposuction Korea. Pitangui Plastic Surgery Clinic is one of the best clinics in Korea and has its lots of advantages one of it credits being the fact that it is one of the best plastic surgery clinic in Korea. It is known for its versatile choice of surgery and the great work and services they offer there with one of them being that it has affordable prices.


So I couldn’t fail to have a procedure done to me so as to give you that one hundred percent assurance that it is the big deal here. So I decided to have liposuction done on my stomach. With liposuction there is a variety of places it can be done as it is basically the loose of fat from that concerned area and with me it was my tummy that needed that little fix. Liposuction helps one fix their little problems that had become a little difficult to fix with diet and exercise.


With liposuction there is very minimal pain after the surgery and also the fact that the swelling is so minimal. And obviously you have to be put through the painless anesthesia. After that the surgeon cuts on your skin so as to melt the fat with the laser before slowly removing it .Through this whole process I was on the anesthesia so I couldn’t obviously know all this but I was able to get this information from my surgeon so as to give the firsthand information on this. Through this process the surgeon removes almost 1500-2000cc of fat. The aftermath of this process is not that complex as there is no big bandages and you can actual do anything looking all normal two days after the whole thing.


There are a lots of dos and do not’s through the whole process but the good thing is that the healing process is not that long. With the intake of food it has to be less of the carbohydrates and more proteins and also one is advised not to gain more than 5Kgs as this will lead to a re-liposuction and yes more money spent. For almost six months you will feel a bit of numbness at the bottom of the foot. If you are interested in liposuction Korea come by our plastic surgery clinic Korea for an enrolment.