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Scarlet is the latest Fraction RF equipment created by the combination of a stamp principle and RF. The equipment conducts micronic-physical treatment inside the skin as it provides the skin with RF energy around the needle marks. For Scarlet, Pitangui Skin Care has selected 2MHz method which has been known for the best RF energy flow. Scarelt of Pitangui Skin Care goes down 3.5mm the most, reaching right before the panniculus. As the equipment separates the epidermis from the thick skin by 0.1mm, you will get the epidermis and the thick skin treated either separately or at a time.

What is Scarlet?

  • If you are suffering from all kinds of skin problems and want them to be solved at a time, you should get Scarlet. The treatment is good at lifting your skin as it conducts RF and micro-needling.

Areas of treatment

  • - Skin aging (lifting, elasticity, anti-wrinkle)
  • - Pore tightening
  • - Scar treatment (acne scar, other scars, keloid)
  • - Whitening
  • - Acne, gooseflesh, striae distensae
  • - Hair loss

What is good about Scarlet?

  • - You can have skin aging and lifting treated at a time.
  • - The delicate micro-robotic motor maximizes the effects of RF and stamping.
  • - You will be less worried about side-effects.
  • - You can work out several skin problems at the same time.
  • - Scarlet is available for all skin types.
  • - No downtime which is the greatest advantage of Scarlet comparing to other laser treatments (you can go back to the normal daily schedule right after the treatment).
  • - You will not need a long recovery period. All the necessary sessions will be completed within 5 weeks.
  • - The treatment is not seasonal (you can go for outside work-out after the treatment).

Pictures before and after an operation

Metrix cell (MatriXell)

As also known as Super Fraxel, Metrix cell laser adopts the fractional method to treat skin problems, which has been highly recognized for skin rejuvenation. The laser is penetrated into the thick skin layer and makes a pin hole. That way, DRT (a treatment to improve the thick skin) is achieved. As Metirx cell delicately cuts the skin tissue, the angle of an dent area gets minimized which would make the border seamless. The treatment even works for other severely fallen parts as it stimulates fibroblast in the thick skin layer. During the treatment, collagen growth increases and that makes the scar rejuvenated.

What is good about Metirx cell

  • - The equipment is well known for its outstanding moisture adsorption. Since it carefully works on the dead skin cell only, it could reconstruct new cellular tissue.
  • - While it does not perform any heat damage to adjacent tissue, this latest laser device removes wrinkles, acne scars and chickenpox scars. If you want to have your skin revitalized, this is what you have to get.
  • - Metrix cell is conducted differently as it controls decortications degree in consideration of an operational area and conditions of an individual patient.
  • - A doctor performs the treatment as he/she actually sees the skin. Since the laser from the equipment cuts off the skin at an interval of 1mm, you will get a very delicate operation on your skin.
  • - Various treatments of Metrix cell are performed according to the thickness of skin. The quick recovery rate will not interrupt you with doing your routines after the treatment.
  • - You will hardly have pigmentation after the treatment.

Areas of treatment

  • - 각종흉터(여드름흉터,외상성흉터,화상흉터,켈로이드,튼살등)
  • - 넓은 모공
  • - 눈가주름, 입가 주름 및 팔자주름
  • - 노화피부개선
  • - 거칠고 칙칙한 피부톤, 피부결 개선

Pictures before and after an operation


Nd-Yag, an innovative pigmentation treatment, has been invented for you to have younger and brighter skin. Nd-Yag laser is a laser created by the combination of Yag, as a medium, and Neodymium (Nd).
With 532nmm of wavelength and 1,064nm of infrared wave generated by Nd-Yag laser, freckles and pigmentation on your face will be efficiently removed. You can also have your tattoo disappeared with Nd-Yag laser.

Benefits of Nd-Yag laser

  • Freckles, senile spots and other discoloration of the skin are caused by melanin. Nd-Yag efficiently works on those problems in a very short period of time. A high-powered laser beam is selectively applied to the pigmented areas of the skin and you will definitely witness even how refractory hyperpigment skin problems would be improved. You will not be worried about side-effectssuch as hyperpigmentations,, and you may return to the daily routinesimmediately afterthetreatment.

Areas of treatment

  • - Refractory freckles
  • - Acne
  • - Other unpleasant spots
  • - Birthmark
  • - Brightening
  • - Fine wrinkles
  • - Freckles

Pictures before and after an operation

Vital Iont

With ionospheresis applied, “Vital Iont” has Vitamin C be activated by cellular tissue, penetrated deep into the skin by using fine current. Afterwards, Ascorbic Acid, both ionized and gained via electrolysis, is adsorbed into the cell as much as possible which would continuously control the melanin growth. Vital Iont encourages collagen production and works on all sorts of pigmentation diseases which have been regarded refractory as freckles. Add to this, unlike other current operations, you will not feel any pain during the treatment with Vital Iont. You will not be put under anesthesia and worried about side-effects later on.

Vitamin C

  • Many people are well aware of Vitamin C‘santi-aging effect. It also has anti-wrinkle and melanin controlling effect as well. However, Vitamin C also have some drawbacks if excess amount has been taken. These drawbacks are far from life-threatening but very mild such as discoloration of the skin (into orange), or formation of a urinary stones when overdose is maintained for long periods of time. In addition, the rate of absorption is relatively low when compared with other water-soluble vitamins. However, now, with Vital Iont, Vitamin C penetrates deep into the skin more easily,

Areas of treatment

  • - Freckles
  • - Fine wrinkle removal
  • - Anti-pigmentation
  • - Prior and post laser handling
  • - Anti-aging
  • - Inflammatory acne

Pictures before and after an operation

Cool Touch II Laser

Cool Touch II Laser with the temperature sensing system and the cooling system applied gets laser energy of 1,320wave-length only reach to the thick skin layer. That way, the treatment has the skin rejuvenated as it encourages collagen production. Since the skin is instantly frozen with Cool Touch II Laser, the acne scars, the pores and fine wrinkles are improved just perfectly while the thick skin would not still be damaged.

Benefits of Cool Touch II Laser

  • - No preoperative preparation.
  • - Since your think skin does not get any changes, you will not be in need of postoperative treatment.
  • - No reoccurrence and pigmentation
  • - You are allowed to wear make-up after the treatment. It will not interfere yyou daily routines.
  • - The benefits will be maximized if you also undergo needletreatment or a laser treatment.

Areas of treatment

  • - Fine wrinkles
  • - Pores
  • - Acne scars
  • - Elasticity
  • - Rejuvenation

You will not feel any pain while receiving Cool Touch II Laser.

In order to avoid any patient inconvenience during treatment , Pitangui Skin Care Center selects the most appropriate laser fluence according to each patient characteristics. The laser fluence will increase the cooling time by reducing the temperature when patient feels a pain. It is an automatic cooling control system and with this laser fluence, you will get a relaxing treatment since the cooling spray would be turned on when the skin temperature reaches to a certain point.

Without pain and skin damage, the laser will go down into the skin to tighten the pores, working on the glands to treat acne and acne scars.

Pictures before and after an operation

Gentle Laser

It is a laser to treat the skin by freesing the skin surface through Cooling Device (DCD). As an upgraded version of current lasers, Gentle Laser minimizes tissue damage through better heat control. It only destroys hair follicles, protecting the skin which makes patient feel relaxed during treatment.

Areas of treatment

  • - Waxing (arms, legs, back, armpit, beard, mustache, hairline, bikini line)
  • - Pigmentation
  • - Freckles
  • - Acne

Pictures before and after an operation

CQ Fractional Laser

CICU is the most up-to-date Fraxel laser. Comparing to the current fraxel laser, you will feel less pain and be treated in a shorter period of time with better results.
The Fraxel laser CICU is a laser that uses CO2 as a medium.
With RF tube adopted, CICU is believed to be safe, performing stable power and even laser quality. Through various micro-holes, high heat energy is applied to stimulate collagen and elastin which would have the skin remodeled.
In addition, CICU helps the scars recovered naturally and that makes the treatment most appropriate to treat acne scars and large pores. You can also work on skin brightening with CICU at a time.

Principles of CQ Laser

  • Micri fractional Resurfacing
  • Laser beam is dividedeven smaller than a hair. Such laser beam is applied to the skin surface, occurring artificial heat damage. Countless micro laser beams are applied to cellular tissue several times and the epidermis and the thick skin are rejuvenated simultaneously. With the micro laser beams, so many MTZs are being created in a vertical manner deep down to the thick skin layer (MTZs: Micorthemal Treatment Zones). As the scars are led to the natural recovery, you will have wrinkles, elasticity, acne, pores and other scars much improved. With CQ Laser, you will be able to receive various skin care treatments at a time.

Benefits of CICU Laser

  • - Less pain compared to the current Fraxel laser. One session of the treatment will give you satisfactory results.
  • - table power and even beam quality. The artificial micro laser beam is delivered to the epidermis and dermis layer to work on the skin softness and brightening. Your skin will feel revitalized again as collagen and elastin are reproduced. Moreover, while over-regenerated collagen tissuesare destroyed, the acne will get efficiently treated. As the scar tissue undergoes a remodeling process where collagens are re-organized and you will have your pores diminished in size.

Areas of treatment

  • - Anti-wrinkle
  • - Acne scar
  • - Brightening
  • - Striae distensae, Striae gravidarum (Pregnancy Silver striae)
  • - Tightening
  • - Pore tightening
  • - Brightening
  • - Softness

Pictures before and after an operation


THERMA-G Plus is allowed to be used Electorde Type and Pad Type according to an operational method and an operational area. Frequency (0.3MH or 0.5MHz) is selected by a purpose of use. Now, you are invited to treat your skin problems with this new definition Multi-Function with Dual R.F System created by the combination of 30 year of know-how and the cutting-edge scientific technology.

R· F SYSTEM Application Programs

When RF (Radio Frequency) is applied to a living matter, molecules that have built up the matter are forced to move between a negative pole and a positive pole, which is described as the polarizing action.During this action,animal heat occurs in the cellular tissue that expands micro-vessels,activates cellular tissue and improves lymphatic drainage.The whole treatment is now called the rmotherapy. RF System has been created while the thermo therapy was thoroughly examined. This is referred to as deep heat.
Obesity Clinic
  • - Customized obesity care
  • - Body fat burning
  • - Posture correction
  • - Maximizing the effects of Mesotherapy
Skin Care Clinic
  • - Lifting
  • - Whitening
  • - Acne, freckles
  • - Wrinkles
Hair Loss Clinic
  • - Stimulates hair growth by working on hair follicles (as long as a patient has hair roots).
  • - Hair strengthening

Pictures before and after an operation

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