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Semi-permanent makeup

  • You can be still beautiful even if you don’t wear any makeup!
  • At (LEE Na-yeong Aesthetics) Pitangui Beauty Center, we administer colors only into the epidermis for the semi-permanent makeup. It is such an innovative makeup skill that will be gradually disappeared after some time. You don’t worry about any damage to the skin. It is completely harmless to humans.

Section, tattoo, semi-permanent makeup

Section tattoo Semi-permanent makeup
Durability almost permanent You will have the makeup for the next 2~3 years.
Areas of the treatment Body Face
The purpose of getting the semi-permanent makeup In pursuit of originality and symbolism. To have subjective beauty. Restoration of damaged beauty. In pursuit of genuine beauty. Improvement of beauty
Post-operational care Hard to retouch for good Possible for re-touch
Material Ink natural colors
Color A variety of colors from intense colors colors as black and red to natural colors
Allergy 발생가능 You will hardly react to any allergy because we conduct the treatment with natural colors.
  • One-touch eye line

  • Your eye lines will be still clear and attractive even if you sweat and swim.
  • - Those who have hairless eyebrows
  • - Those who cry a lot and have the eye makeup smeared every time
  • - Those who are not good at eye makeup
  • - Those who have sensitive eyes to any eye makeup products
  • Three-dimensional eyebrows

  • We carefully implant hair to make the most three-dimensional eyebrows for you.
  • Shadow eyebrows

  • Shadow eyebrows of natural gradation of darkness

  • Man’s eyebrows

  • Do you want very much man-like eyebrows?
  • - Those who have hairless eyebrows
  • - Those who have eyebrows different in size
  • - Those who have partly hairless eyebrows
  • - Those who are not happy with the wrong eyebrow tattoo
  • - Those who are not good at eyebrow makeup
  • Painless tinted lips

  • With our semi-permanent lip makeup, you would not need to wear lipsticks to make your lips look healthy and attractive.
  • - Those who have pale or blackish lips
  • - Those who have unclear lip line
  • - Those who are not happy with the size of the lips
  • - Thos who often have lipsticks smeared

  • Natural hairline

  • Are you hiding your forehead with hair? We will get you have beautiful hairline!
  • Medical semi-permanent makeup

  • Discolored nipples. Scars after the breasts surgery


  • - Those who have leukoplakia
  • - Thos who have been diagnosed with atrichia
  • - Those who are suffering from hair loss
  • - Those who have burned scars
  • - Those who have external injuries or scars after a surgical operation
  • - Those with cleft lip or cleft palate
  • - Reconstruction of areola after breast cancer surgery

Be careful before you go with the semi-permanent makeup!

  • - Please have a talk with us if you have been diagnosed with particular symptoms. You should do
  • - Do you have any particular design in mind? Have a thorough discussion with the expert and test on the face before you actually get the treatment.
  • - If you have sensitive skin, keloidal skin or atopic skin, you should definitely discuss with the expert before the treatment.
  • - If you are expecting a baby, please have the treatment a month after childbirth.
  • - If you have had a plastic surgery or a new tattoo, you are recommended to have the makeup a month after.
  • - Have you had LASIK or LASEK recently? Please come to have the makeup six months after.

Be careful after you go with the semi-permanent makeup!

  • - Apply an ice pack to the area of the treatment. It will soothe swelling.
  • - Avoid sauna, swimming and exercise for a week after the treatment.
  • - Try not to touch the area. You are not allowed to take the dry spots off around the area.
  • - For those who have had the lip makeup treatment, alcohol drinking and hot/salty/spicy food are prohibited.

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