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Acne scar

Have you received appropriate acne treatment? If you have not, we probably assume that you have some unpleasant acne scars on your face even if you are not suffering from the acne now. The acne scars are believed to have negative influence on the texture of your skin and they are hardly covered by make-up. The face with scars will affect your first impression with others. Sizes of the scar depend on the extent of inflammationof your acne. Hence, for those who have a slow recovery rate of a scar, the acne history will be definitely shown on your face. For that reason, you should pay extra attention to both the acne degeneration and reoccurrence.

Types of scar

  • 01. Circular scar
  • Between cheeks and a jaw
  • 02. Box-shaped scar of a sharp dividing line
  • Near the middle of a cheek. Near temples.
  • 03. Owel-shaped narrow, deep scar
  • Forehead, bridge of the nose, cheeks

Why does the acne leave scars?

  • Purulent acnes are usually considered to leave indentated scars on the face. Such acnes harm the epidermis leaving fibrous tissue which makes the skin thicker than before. This is how you get permanent skin damage. If you keep touching the acne with hands, it is very likely that you will have indentedskin with scars.

It is recommended that should treat your acne in a timelt manner so that you will not have scars on the face.

  • A thorough plan should be establishedprior to getting actual acne treatment. We first considerthe typeof the scar and the degree of damage because these dictate treatment modality and algorithm tailored to each individual patient. .Proper treatment done in a timely fashionl maximizestreatment outcome. Acne scars are multi-faceted in terms of their shape and characteristics : from an owl-shaped narrow scar, deep scar, scars with indentations and a circular scar.Pitangui Skin Care treats the acne scars by the types and eventually satisfies patients with superb ultimate results.

Skin Care Equipment

  • Scarlet

  • Scarlet is the latest Fraction RF equipment created by the combination of a stamp principle and RF. The equipment conducts micronic-physical treatment inside the skin as it provides the skin with RF energy around the needle marks. For Scarlet, Pitangui Skin Care has selected 2MHz method which has been known for the best RF energy flow. Scarelt of Pitangui Skin Care goes down by 3.5mm the most, reaching right before the panniculus. As the equipment divides the epidermis and the thick skin by 0.1mm, you will get the epidermis and the thick skin treated either separately or at a time.

  • Metrix cell

  • As also known as Super Fraxel, Metrix cell laser adopts the fractional method to treat skin problems, which has been highly recognized for skin rejuvenation. The laser is penetrated into the thick skin layer and makes a pin hole. That way, DRT (a treatment to improve the thick skin) is achieved. As Metirx cell delicately cuts the skin tissue, the angle of an dent area gets minimized which would make the border seamless. The treatment even works for other severely fallen parts as it stimulates fibroblast in the thick skin layer. During the treatment, collagen growth increases and that makes the scar rejuvenated.

  • Cool Touch II Laser

  • Cool Touch II Laser with the temperature sensing system and the cooling system applied gets laser energy of 1,320wave-length only reach to the thick skin layer. That way, the treatment has the skin rejuvenated as it encourages collagen production. Since the skin is instantly frozen with Cool Touch II Laser, the acne scars, the pores and fine wrinkles are improved just perfectly while the thick skin would not still be damaged.

  • CQ Fractional Laser

  • CICU is the most up-to-date Fraxel laser. Comparing to the current fraxel laser, you will feel less pain and be treated in a shorter period of time with better results.
    The Fraxel laser CICU is a laser that uses CO2 as a medium.
    With RF tube adopted, CICU is believed to be safe, performing stable power and even laser quality. Through various micro-holes, high heat energy is applied to stimulate collagen and elastin which would have the skin remodeled.
    In addition, CICU helps the scars recovered naturally and that makes the treatment most appropriate to treat acne scars and large pores. You can also work on skin brightening with CICU at a time.

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