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Rhinoplasty Surgery Center South Korea

What is the ideal aesthetics of thenose?

You should understand the differences between the nose of an Asian and that of a Westerner first. You also need to think of the angle, the shape and the ratio as well.
Not only will the surgeon increase the height of the nose but he also trims the nose as well considering the overall shape and the volume. By that way, you can have a nose that would go along with your whole face. A little change of the nose can change your whole personal impression. Since the surgeon works even on the cartilageat the ti po fthe nose,he will give you the mos tthree-dimensional, idealnose exclusively for you.

  • Shape of the nose

  • For men, it is the straight nose while for the women; it is the curvy nose that would be considered the most ideal nose.
  • Skin Care Equipment


Nose Aesthetic Surgery
  • The ratio of nostrils to the nose alar should be 6:4.
  • When the nose is measured the same in width from the beginning of the nose, the tip of the nose to the philtrum, we consider it the most ideal nose. But, here, we have a nose of which the beginning is wider than the width of the philtrum and the nose of which the tip is bigger than the beginning.


Rhinoplasty in Korea
  • The angle of the nose to the forehead should be 115℃~130℃.
  • The angle between the areas right under the nose and right above the philtrum should be 90℃~100℃.

  • At PitanguiMedical&Beauty Center, the surgeon completes the nose considering the overall facial proportion, the shape of the nose, the ratio and the angle as well.

  • The medical staff of Pitangui has gone through so many nose plastic surgeries before. Hence, whatever your nose shape would be, the surgeonwill give you the most ideal nose for you. The surgeon completes the nose construction as he carefully considers the whole facial proportion, the shape of the nose, the ratio and the angle as well.


In the right middle of the face, the nose determines the balance of the facial proportion. Not only we focus on the height of the nose but we also conduct the nose aesthetic surgery as we care for the whole facial proportion dividing the nose into two parts as the nose itself and the tip of the nose.
If you only have your nose higher not considering the whole image, you will never have the three-dimensional, modern nose. At Pitangui Medical&Beauty Center, we will give you the most appropriate nose to your whole facial image as we work on every part of the nose.

The greatest benefits of Rhinoplastic operation

  • - You will have the most sophisticated facial line from the forehead, the nose to the chin.
  • - When you have the line, you will have clearer facial impression, making people think that you have such a small face.
  • - Your mouth looks less projected while your cheekbones feel smaller.

Nasal Osteotomy

When you have a nose with big nasal bone or an unbalanced nose bone, you are recommended for the nasal bone incision operation. In the operation, the surgeon breaks the bones right next to the nose and make the nasal bone gathered in the middle. That way, the width of the nose becomes narrow and you will have the most balanced nose ever in your life.

TheADVANTAGES of the nasal bone incision

  • - Since the surgeon works to get your nose narrower, you will have slim, erect nose which would make you have a sophisticated facial impression.
  • - You will have a slimmer face.
  • - Since the nose gets balanced with the operation, your whole face will feel very much balanced and organized.
  • - When you suffer from other nasal functional problems, the surgeon definitely gets you to have a talk with the ear, nose and throat specialist beforehand. The surgeon will, then, give you the operation which would work both on the aesthetic aspect and the medical functional aspect.

Pictures before and after an operation

What definesFlat nose?

The nose is considered flat if the anterior projection is less than that of the forehead or the lips.


  • - The nasal bone and the cartilage in the upper nose are low. The cartilage in the lower nose is small.
  • - If you have a low nasal bone with bulbous (wide and blunt) nose tip, the surgeon recommends you to have the nose tip operation as well.
  • - The surgeon will get your nose higher by inserting alloplastic implants such as silicone, or Goretex. The nasal tip is reconstructed by adding your own cartilage (either from your ear, nose, or ribs).

How to perform the operation

  • Nasal tip cartilage assistance

  • By working on the cartilage in septum, we will keep the nasal tip cartilage high as we have it fixed on the end of the septum cartilage in the back.
  • Making the nasal tip high

  • We place the septum cartilage on the assisted nasal tip cartilage, trimming the nose shape.
  • Making the nose bone high

  • We implant the supplement, specially designed for the nose bone, to make the nose bone higher.

Pictures before and after an operation

What are upturned nose and short nose?

If you find the angle between the nasal tip and the lip over 110℃, you are considered to have a upturned nose or a short nose.
Usually, you show much of the nostrils with such nose.


  • - Short nose
  • - Shows much of the nostrils

Appropriate operation

Nasal tip cartilage extension

  • By working on the cartilage in septum, we will keep the nasal tip cartilage high as we have it fixed on the end of the septum cartilage in the back.

Making the nose bone higher

  • In general, people think that the upturned nose would only show whole nostrils to other people. However, usually, for those who have such nose, they are observed to have another problem in that their nasion is lower than other normal nasions which would make their nose short. In that case, the rhinoplastic operation is conducted and as the nasion gets higher, you will have a long nose in the end.

Making the nasal tip upwards

  • Cartilage operation + Cartilage implant + Rhinoplastic operation
  • We first separate the alar cartilage from another cartilage in the nose bone. We have them realigned, filling the gap so that the two cartilages would be collapsed in the back.
    Through the operation, we have the cartilage in both alars gathered in the middle by implanting a silicon supplement to make your nose bone long. The cartilage is inserted into the nasal tip which would be projected later on.

Pictures before and after an operation

What is the hooked nose?

The nose of overly projected middle part of the nose, on which the nose bone, the upper nasal cartilage and the nasal septum cartilageare connected, makes the hooked nose.


  • - Your whole nose looks hooked.
  • - You have a big nose bone.
  • - You have a long nose with a distant nasal tip.
  • - You have a relatively low nasal tip.

Appropriate operation

  • Removal of the hooked part/Narrowing the nose bone/Making the nasal tip high

  • You have had the hooked nose because your nose bone and the septum cartilage have been grown abnormally. That has made your nose hooked in the middle.
    Even though the surgeon carefully grinds the hooked part, there is a possibility for you to havethe hooked nose again. Hence, you are suggested to have the osteotomy together.

Pictures before and after an operation

As the surgeon examines the degree of bending, the location and septum, he determines an operational method.

  • The surgeon gets the bent nose bone broken and separates it to the floor. The bent bone gets corrected that way and the surgeon has it fixed tightly.
  • Lightly-bent nose

  • The surgeon implants a silicon supplement into the nose bone and make the nose look very much arranged.
  • Severely-bent nose

  • Along with the septum, the surgeon gets the external side of the nose bone broken. Either with such external osteotomy or other realignment operations, the surgeonperforms complex operations to get your bent nose visually arranged.

Pictures before and after an operation

What is the arrow-like/long nose?

When you have a long nose towards the lips, you can be regarded to have an arrow-like nose.


  • - Long nose
  • - Your mouth looks projected.

Appropriate operation

Making the lowered nasal tip cartilage higher, making the nasal tip higher, correcting the height of the nose bone

  • Since the nasal tip cartilage is long and lowered, we make the cartilage rotated and fixed so that we could shorten the length.

Making the nasal tip higher

  • On the nasal tip cartilage which has been rotated upwards, the surgeon places septum cartilage so that the surgeon can get your nasal tip higher.

Correction of the height of the nose bone

  • The surgeon works on the nose bone height in consideration of the nasal tip height. When you have a hooked nose, the surgeon first gets the hooked area gone. When you have a low nose bone, the surgeon implants a supplement to get it properly higher.

Pictures before and after an operation

Circular nose/fat nose

It is a nose that the nasal tip is bigger than the nose bone in width.

Appropriate operation

Trimming on the nasal tip cartilage

  • If you have a big nasal tip cartilage, the surgeon makes cuts in the upper area.

Gathering of the nasal tip cartilage

  • For the cartilages with a gap, the surgeon makes them gathered.

Removal of the nasal tip subcutaneous fat

  • If the surgeon finds your nasal tip skin thick, the surgeon removes some of the skin and the fat.

Pictures before and after an operation

What is the alar reduction?

When your nasal alar is big the surgeonperforms the alar reduction.


  • - You have big, wide nostrils.
  • - Your alar is bigger than the nose bone in width.

Appropriate operation

Alar resection

  • For the nose of big nostrils and a wide nose bone, the surgeon makes wedge-cuts in the sides of the alar. The surgeon sutures them and makes the nostrils and the nose bone narrow.

Pictures before and after an operation

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