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Pitangui Plan Your Trip For Medical Tourism

The most ideal eye shape for myself

  • Pitangui Medical & Beauty offers a range of in-hospital accommodations for patients who had surgeries under general anesthesia. All inpatient rooms have been designed with the patients comfort and safety in mind. Pitangui Medical & Beauty offers single or double inpatient rooms.

Common Room Amenities

All Pitangui Medical & Beuaty include the following features:

Imported electronically adjustable beds

Computerized personal nurse call system

Bedside room light and TV controls

Guest couch

Personal telephone for local and international calls

Individually controlled room air conditioning

Personal medication cabinet


Online counseling  

Do you have any questions about the plastic surgery? Please contact us.

Pictures before and after an operation  

You have re-born through our operation! See how you have beautifully been transformed.

Real stories  

Meet our customers who have experienced the wonders of our treatments.

Counseling Information

You will be provided with our caring, professional counseling.

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