Pitangui- rhinoplast surgery


April 20, 2017 Published by admin

There are many misconceptions regarding liposuction and rhinoplasty in regards to their results and long term effects. But the facts give a different story with transformation being the most important factor to be considered. These procedures have been transformational for our clients some of whom are in a better place in their lives than they were before they had the procedure.


Liposuction Korea addresses the common problems of fat in around the waist area other parts of the body. It is a long running procedure that has had tremendous improvements over the years with technology. Not only is it safe but the recovery period is shorter than their earlier years and the results just speak for themselves. Liposuction Korea procedures are straightforward and easy to comprehend but it is important to be aware of the various medical factors that may prevent you from undergoing such a procedure.


Liposuction Korea is applicable to anyone who wants to get it save from specific people with unique medical conditions. These conditions are not related to the procedure but are merely reactions to anesthesia and having difficulty in recovery. The liposuction Korea procedure nowadays is improved by technology to be done faster and more efficiently. The recovery process is swift and does not involve medication. It is a process that has worked for our clientele and their transformation are their testimonials.


Rhinoplasty Korea which is plastic surgery for the nose has also improved over the years with technology and has been improved to achieve flawless results. Nowadays with laser technology, the precision of the surgery is improved and your desired changes for your nose can be achieved completely. The procedure is a safe and quick procedure that can start to yield results in a month and the scars disappear completely.


So liposuction Korea and rhinoplasty Korea have changed over the years and it is important to differentiate the misconceptions and the facts. Here at Pitangui, we offer informational counseling to our clients on these facts and more about the procedures that we offer. We also offer advice on the best form of procedure to undertake and answer any questions that you may have regarding the surgery, the surgeons involved, the recovery process etc. We also offer the latest advancements in the realm of plastic surgery and cosmetics. Book an appointment at our website if you are interested in either of the two procedures and more.