double eyelid surgery Korea.


April 17, 2017 Published by admin

“I LOVE THIS FEELING”. Those were the last things I remember saying and the disappearing laugh of the people in the surgery room before I went blank. I am having a double eyelid surgery Korea, one of the most common surgery in Korea. This is due to the fact that it is relatively cheap and takes very about thirty minutes unlike other surgical procedures.


So mine is happening in Pitangui Plastic Surgery Korea which is one of the best surgery clinics in South Korea. So am having the buried sutured method in the very common three that are known. It is where the stitches are buried beneath the skin. The stitches were passed back and forth hence creating a fold on my skin one they penetrate to the other side, the folds were too small for a needle to pass through.

After thirty minutes I was back to reality and with no pain at all I was given the very necessary instructions before living for my hotel. I was given a few instructions that entailed ensuring I do not let water touch my art neither should I use my hands to disrupt it the latter was so hard for me to handle. My eyes were a bit swollen but the swelling did disappear after three days but I still had to use a lot of makeup to hide the whole thing.


After six days I was back to the clinic to have my stitches removed and gathered information about the method, the candidate for such a procedure is one with very little fat on the eyelid area. My recovery process was a rollercoaster as I had kept myself busy loving the beauty in South Korea and had less idle time but for those who disrupt their sutures then be sure to go back and have it redone for you.


The double eyelid surgery Korea and the plastic surgery Korea in general are all available at our offices you can book an appointment to learn more and understand in depth what all the precautions and the requirements are in place before you can proceed with the your transformation.