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April 4, 2017 Published by admin

Breast plastic surgery Korea is prepared to give you the perfect transformation and enhancement you have been looking for. You want to give your child an after high school present then be prepared to get a mum I want to have a breast plastic surgery in Korea or a nose job or the most popular and cheap eyebrow embroidery. You want to feel bad about yourself then most definitely take yourself to Pitangui Plastic Surgery Korea, and you will go home thinking on how to get perfect and feel most comfortable in your own skin.


Because of its booming nature in Korea there tends to be a lot of inexperienced surgeons who operate at very cheap prices just to get away with an innocent persons savings for the big day so before you decide to have it done take a long and careful search on the best surgery clinics for your work to be done in the best and perfect way possible.


So to you all reading this blog then make sure to run a thorough search to avoid the unprofessional surgeons. So now before I call it quits let me share with you one of my recent surgery which was a boob job done at Pitangui Plastic Surgery Korea.


With boob job it comes with how you want it and mine was a lift on mine as they were becoming saggy and unattractive. The experience was not a peaceful one as the aftermath of it all required utmost caution for the best results. It was accompanied by some little pain; well I had to pay the beauty price. Whatever they did was called uplift and they actually put CCs that did match with my body so as to ensure they did not weigh me down. After waking up from my long sleep I had bandages all over my girls and the area around it was all pink. The doctor had them removed after two weeks and that is where the actual healing process began it took almost four months for all the marks to fade away and me feeling ok showing them off as they look so great all standing and ready to be loved.


I know most of you are all worried that they might not look natural because they will look like they were actually there from the beginning. Can’t wait for summer to rock my bikini all the way.