Getting the Perfect Nose Shape, Angle and Ratio

January 26, 2017 Published by admin

If you are planning to make a change to your nose and considering getting a rhinoplasty in Korea, our plastic surgeons can help. Specializing in a wide variety of nose plastic surgeries, our surgeons have extensive experience and knowledge to adjust your nose the way you want.


When we consult with you to understand the changes you want to make there are a few things we keep in mind – shape, angle and ratio. When making a change to your nose, we want to be sure that it still looks in proportion to the rest of your face.


For men and women the shape of your nose is different. For example, the ideal nose for a man is often a straight nose, while women prefer a more curvy nose. The angle of your nose to your forehead should be between 115 and 130 degrees. This angle is measured from right under the nose to right above the philtrum. The ratio of your nostrils to your nose alar should be 6:4.


Whether you have a flat nose, upturned nose, hooked nose or crooked nose, we can help. Prior to your rhinoplasty in korea you will meet with our surgeons to discuss the procedure, ask questions and ensure that you are happy with how your nose will look.


Following your rhinoplasty in Korea you will find that you will be able to return to your normal activities within about one week. This depends on the procedure and your surgeon will discuss aftercare with you. At Pitangui Plastic Surgery our goal is to ensure that you love the way you look. Through our rhinoplasty procedure we guarantee your expectations will be exceeded.


If you are looking to make a change to your nose or have questions about our rhinoplasty in Korea, we can help. Contact our professionals today to schedule your consultation.