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April 28, 2017 Published by admin

Facial contouring surgery Korea is the changing of the facial bone structure for cosmetic purposes. It is mainly performed for the purposes of face reconstruction most times after a car accident and these days’for purposes of beauty and better looks. Plastic surgery Korea has made it possible for facial contouring surgery to take place and now the doctor’s expertise is attracting a lot of international customers. As the purpose of plastic surgery Korea, let’s highlight how they do to create such a perfect look on people faces.


The Augmentation vs Reduction concept still holds true for facial contouring surgery Korea. In general, face augmentation is simpler than face reduction and face reduction is the main reason for plastic surgery Korea. Since face contouring techniques are very advanced, it must be operated by excellent surgeons who have years of experience. Also being regarded as once in a life time surgery, you won’t be allowed to have it when yours is too weak. Weakness is characterized in years and therefore persons above 60 years cannot be allowed to perform this surgery.


Facial contouring surgery Korea is performed strictly with scores that one has to attain before agreeing for the surgery. Since there aren’t many facial bone specialists, one selection will boil down to consultation with the surgeon. Plastic surgery Korea usually recommends what is popular among Koreans or what might look great for Asians. It is therefore crucial to communicate well about your beauty standards. Having facial contouring sounds scary at first, but it is advised against just trusting someone’s testimonials online. Spend enough time during your consultation and remember to get necessary pre-operative essentials such as CT-scans for a 360 degree facial check up, and miniature jawbone and cheekbone simulation. If you’re thinking of having of having jawboned and cheekbone reduced, get a picture of what the combination would bring about during the consultation.


In facial contouring, it would be virtually impossible to identify all facial types because everyone’s bone structure is uniquely different. With the help of plastic surgery Korea we can classify facial shapes into 3 distinctive shapes. Other shapes are not really common and two jaw surgeries can be the only solution for them. Square surgery is perhaps the most typical type which creates a masculine look. Weak chin is another problem which is corrected through surgical operation. Through these facial reconstruction procedures in Korea one will be able to gain the ‘good looks’ once again to their satisfaction.