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Facts about Plastic Surgery in Korea

March 30, 2017 Published by admin

Korean plastic surgery does hold a great deal of meaning for Koreans.For so many people in Korea, surgery is just like wearing make-up; plastic surgery is seen as a symbolic that is believed to bring about significant changes in one’s marriage,education, career and the environment at large. It’s a known fact that the modern Korean woman has exchanged domestic and maternal femininity for a slim, youthful face and toned body. Children as young as high-school aged are being persuaded by their parents to undergo plastic surgery.


Koreans do not merely broad about their physiognomy. They put their money where their eyes,mouths, and noses used to be. In the last few years, people’s attitudes towards plastic surgery in Korea have become increasingly optimistic. Creating fairer skin, a prominent nose bridge, a slimmer looking face and double eyelids is commonly requested by many people. With such a quest for plastic surgery in Korea, it’s expected that there are hundreds of techniques to modify someone’s appearance. People who undergo plastic surgery in Korea are generally motivated by a similar ideal of beauty, a pointed nose, round eyes, a pleasant smile, a slim jaw and a V-shaped chin.


One in five people in Korea has undergone some kind of procedure. The most popular are double eyelid surgery, which creates the Caucasian crease many Asian women don’t naturally have making their eyes look bigger, rounder, more Western,more V-shaped look and getting their jawbone chiseled or shaved down for a less-square. Regardless of the history, the double eyelid plastic surgery seems to be a matter of pragmatism for clients. This procedure involves the repositioning or removal of excess tissues.  A lot of assumptions are suggested about why most people undergo double-eyelid surgery korea, some say they wanted to look less Asian or they wanted to look more whitewhile other says it’s simply a matter of beauty, bigger eyes equal more attractiveness and essentially.


People do not need to worry as much in undergoing Korea plastic surgery. As long as the right surgeon is chosen, the results can be as successful.