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  • We perform various hand massages to help healthy energy flow in your skin. With the 1:1 customized healing therapy of natural marine derived cosmetics, you will have your best skin for the first time in your lifetime.
  • - Works on skin inflammation. Controls the level ofsebum secretion.
  • - Works on possible hyperpigmentation after the acne treatment. Helps the skin to recover.
  • - The customized treatment programs will get a customer��s skin problem treated at a right time with the best results.

Pictures before and after an operation

Moisturizing care

As moisture and collage are provided into the skin, the elasticity and moisture level of the skin are improved.
Are you in your twenties or thirties? Does your face not take a make-up? It is high time for you to have our moisturizing care. Your skin will feel moist and healthy again.

The anti-wrinkle benefit as the skin gets moist and soft

- As the immunity level increases, your reddish sensitive skin will change to a healthy, radiant skin.
- When it is between seasons, the skin easily gets dry and aged. The moisturizing care will keep the balance between the oil and the moisture of your skin.

You are recommended for the moisturizing care if you…

  • - have the skin of unbalanced combination of moisture and sebum.
  • - have the dried oily skin.
  • - have pimples from time to time.

Care programs

  • - Skin hydrating treatment (Basic): : It is a treatment to make your dry skin moist as it provides the skin with lots of water and necessary nutrients.
  • - Skin hydrating treatment (Thick skin layer) : The balance of the oil and the moisture is worked out even in the thick skin layer. You will feel your skin as moist as morning dew.


  • - Skin hydrating treatment (Basic) : The epidermis will get immediately moisturized. Dead skin cells are removed. Sterilization.
  • - Skin hydrating treatment (Thick skin layer) : The fair moisturizing balance in the thick skin layer. Stimulates the growth of skin cells. Fair balance between the oil and the water. Rejuvenation. Reconstruction of cell membrane. Stimulates substances exchange.

Core ideas of the programs

LEE Na-yeong Aesthetics, Pitangui Beauty Center, is proud of using only the best cosmetic products for all of its care programs. Even if you receive the basic care program, you will be treated with high-quality products which have been approved by the authority.
If you stick to the basic care program in your twenties, you may not need to sign up for an expensive care program when you are in your thirties or forties. Keep working on the skin care program and your beauty for long lasting as you wish .

Pictures before and after an operation

Acne care (Medi-park clearing treatment)

As we are right into finding a factor to cause the acne, you will get a systematic, individual care treatment which would prevent scars and reoccurrence.
When it comes to acne, the best way for you is to get a proper treatment at a good time.

What is acne?

  • Acne occurs when hair folliclesget infected by chronic inflammation caused by oversecretion of sebum from sevaceousgland. Apart from that, irregular hormones and other environmental factors cause acne.
    When you have excessive sebum secretion and too many dead skin cells, your pores are clogged by waste. This gets the pores infected and in return, you will have acne.

Factors to cause acne

  • - External contaminated substances
  • - Excessive stress
  • - Use of wrong cosmetics as oily products, inappropriate sunblock and hair cream
  • - If you sleep on your stomach or rest your chin on your hand too long, you have acne.

You definitely receive the acne care program if you have…

  • - acne of black sebum
  • - small pimples on the face
  • - reddish painful acne which is inflammatory acne
  • - not had any good results from other skin care programs
  • - pimples from time to time
  • - new pimples after you start working


  • Removal of blackheads, removal of dead skin cells, control of excessive sebum secretion, soothing, wound treatment, anti-inflammation, protection of skin cells, anti-bacterium, purification, stimulation of cell growth, emission of waste, increased immunity level, skin refreshing, oxygen supplying

Core ideas of the programs

When we work on acne, we never use cheap alcohol. We choose products as we carefully examine your conditions. The tools used in the acne care program are sterilized by a perfect agent (of a sterilization power which is nine times better than that of other current sterilizing agents). We conduct the treatment as carefully as we can so that you would not have any acne scars and reoccurrence.

Pictures before and after an operation

Whitening care (Chroma white treatment)

With our whitening care program, your skin will have an ability to get better in a natural way.
The complexion tone will get fairer in a short period of time as oxygen is provided into the skin. Dead skin cells are removed and nutrients will be adsorbed deep into the skin which would make your skin look more radiant.

The whitening care program is recommended to you if you have…

  • - dark skin either from of chronic fatigue or stress.
  • - freckles, wrinkles and other unpleasant spots because you have been exposed to sunlight long.

Care programs

  • - Skin brightening treatment: This treatment will have your tiring skin brightened and moist. The treatment even prevents any pigmentation.
  • - Chroma white treatment: With this systematic treatment consisted of three phases, you will have less freckles, age spots and pigmentation. It is an absolutely intensive whitening treatment.


  • - Skin brightening treatment: Cell reconstruction, removal of 프리라디컬, anti-aging, complexion tone improvement, skin protection, moisturizing
  • - Chroma white treatment: Control of melanin, less freckles and pigmentation, complexion tone improvement, moisturizing

Pictures before and after an operation

Pore care (purifying treatment)

The tightened pores will make your skin feel flexible.
With the pore care program that would work right onto the enlarged pores, you will get your skin revitalized. The improved elasticity of the skin feels free-wrinkles while any scars caused by skin troubles are treated well. You will have even, radiant skin tone with the pore care treatment.

The pore care treatment is definitely recommended if you have…

  • - enlarged pores because you have touched acne thoughtlessly.
  • - skin problems due to excessive sebum secretion.
  • - loosened skin because of wrinkles and enlarged pores.


  • Skin Pore tightening, skin complexion or tone improvement, balance between the oil and the moisture, normal sebum secretion, skin cell growth, lymph drainage, removal of dead skin cells, discharge of waste, skin refreshing, radiant skin

Pictures before and after an operation

Anti-aging (Age smart treatment)

You will be receiving different anti-aging control treatment according to your age. The treatment is very much efficient for wrinkle reduction and elasticity improvement. You will be moved and awed by the smart work of the anti-aging treatment.

You should get the anti-aging treatment if you have…

  • - low skin elasticity and very much visible wrinkles.
  • - dark, tiring complexion tone because of frequent make-up.
  • - freckles and other spots which have caused less elasticity of your skin.


  • - Wrinkle reduction and elasticity improvement as blood circulates well inside the body
  • - Cells in the thick skin layers grow. Constant moisturizing.And Rejuvenation of the skin.
  • - Stimulates collagen production. Improvement of skin elasticity Anti-aging.Antioxidative activity
  • - As the treatment works on the Epidermis (thin layer of the skin), the layer will be filled with moisture and nutrients which would make the skin elastic and flexible.

Pictures before and after an operation

Sensitive skin (Ultra- soothing treatment)

Your skin is likely to get sensitive before and after the laser treatment. Allergy and atopy could be also factors that stimulate the sensitivity of the skin and the sensitive skin care treatment will soothe such skin. The natural cure power and the immunity of the skin will be improved.

You need this treatment if your skin gets….

  • - sensitive to external surroundings (friction, weather, cosmetics and temperature)
  • - small veins appeared on the surface.
  • - thinner every day – with freckles and pigmentation.
  • - allergic to certain substances. Rednessand hot flush.
  • - dried with a lack of moisture. You need to receive the sensitive skin care if your skin feels drier than yesterday.

Characteristics of the sensitive skin

  • - Thin, delicate skin tissue
  • - Pores are hardly found.
  • - Facial wrinkles on a forehead or around eyes.
  • - Facial flushing(redness) by a temperature changes. Hot flush is observed.

Pictures before and after an operation

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