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  • Perfect gum care

  • You will not have healthy teeth unless you pay extra attention to the gum. If you think that you can preserve your health teeth only with regular scaling, I would say that you should make a second thought on that.
    Many of you might not have any visible problems with your teeth but you are still coming to the dental specialist. Why is that? It is because your gum is not healthy.
    At Pitangui, you will find very much advanced gum care program since we are well aware of the importance of the gum in the dental health.
  • Cavity filling

  • We are sorry that none of the regular dental examinations would preserve your teeth from being decayed for good. Are you not a fan of a dentist? Do you enjoy eating sweets? If you answer yes to the questions, you should receive the anti-cavity treatment. Once the bacterial that has caused you cavity reaches to the nerve, sorry but, you have to go through many annoying endodontic treatments.
    We have a resin treatment which would be conducted by a material of which color is similar to that of your own teeth. But the problem of this treatment is that you might have the teeth discolored as it would not stand certain strength. You can then have another choice which is filling the cavity with gold but, since it would not look favorable outside, many people, now, would go with a treatment conducted by a ceramic material.

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