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What is the auto-fat implant practice?

Any dent areas of yours will be plumped with our auto-fat implant practice.
With fat gained from thighs, a stomach and a hip, you will have the dent areas become elastic and plumped.


  • - No feeling of alien substances because the practice is performed with the patient’s own tissue.
  • - No-cut practice. No scars.
  • - You can wash your face and wear a make-up two days after the operation.
  • - Semi-permanent effects
  • - Satisfactory benefits at a reasonable cost
  • - The area of the practice will be fixed just naturally.
  • - You can receive the practice onto many areas at a time.
  • - Maximization of adipogenesis. Minimization of liposuction

What is Pitangui’s three dimensional fat implant practice?

Unlike the two dimensional practice, the three dimensional fat implant practice will make your face visually three dimensional.
While 케뉼라 administered into the tissue passes through layers, a very small amount of fat is gradually dissolved. That work will make your face look more three dimensional.

Pitangui’s PRP three dimensional fat implant practice

PRP fat implant practice has been created by the combination of PRP and the auto-fat implant practice. The surgeon separates high-enriched platelet from blood extracted from a patient. The surgeon implants this into the skin with the fat gained from the patient.
When PRP works with the fat tissue, the growth factors in the PRP platelet would promote the activity of the fat tissue. That will help the collagen grow, working on damaged skin. Your aged skin will be rejuvenated.

  • Dent cheeks

  • The surgeon makes your dent facial areas plumped as he injects fat into the areas. The cheeks are the most desired areas for the fat implant practice and you will look younger than ever.
  • Lips

  • Lips will be plumped.
  • Forehead

  • Forehead will feel elastic again.
  • Breast

  • You will have fuller bosoms.
  • Nose or between the eyebrows

  • You will have the nose and the area between the eyebrows higher than before.
  • The end of a jaw

  • If you have a jaw located backwards too much, your bird face could be treated with Pitangui’s PRP three dimensional fat implant practice.
  • Dent temples

  • The natural volume of the temples will make you look younger.

Breast fat implant

You can still have fuller bosoms even if you are concerned about other synthetic implants.

Hip fat implant

Your hip will be more elastic if you combine the exercise with our PRP three dimensional fat implant practice.

Operation area

Before and after the operation

  • - For a week before the operation, you should not take hormone drugs including any other drugs which could occur blooding.
      You should not have your period on the day of the operation.
  • - It will take about three months to a year before you are fully recovered.
  • - You will not lose much of the weight because the fat implant practice works only on the volume.
  • - If you gain more than 5kg after the surgery, you might have the symptom with the operation area (the present weight: KG)
  • - The operation area could be discolored black or subjected to the keloid according to individual’s conditions.
  • - The elasticity tape used for the prevention of swelling and bleeding after the practice could cause pigmentation. But that will be disappeared after 3 months
       (Do not scratch the taped area. If you find the area too itchy, contact to the doctor).
  • - Try to consume high-protein, low calorie Vitamin and iron as much as possible. That will help you to be recovered fast.
  • - Consume high-protein, low calories ingredients, vitamin and iron as much as possible. Follow the instruction for sure (You must brush the teeth after a meal).
  • - No drinking and no smoking. You also need to avoid animal fat and excessive food consumption.
      That might cause necrosis, inflammations and slow recovery rate (you should follow the rules for about 30 days).
  • - You might feel numbness in the bottom of your foot for six months to a year. But please do not worry because it is a normal process you could expect after the operation.

Pictures before and after an operation



Structure of Lipokit

Comparisons on advantages of Lipokit

Medikhan’s Lipokit General centrifuge
With Lipokit of air pressure, fat is adsorbed while Tumescent is administered. Available only for simple centrifugation (no fat liposuction by air pressure)
Automatic free-oil separation (patented) Free-oil could not be automatically separated.
Since Tumescent is conveniently administered by the air pressure, the surgeonperforms a simple, fast operation. It will take so much time since Tumescent is administered by a regular syringe.
The built-in chamber-typed centrifuge prevents the contamination of a syringe. Most of the other centrifuges are not built-in chamber-typed.
Available for a great amount of fact separation (simultaneous separation up to 200cc) Fat separation less than 10cc (too complicatedcentrifugation process)

Pictures before and after an operation


What is Harvest-jet fat tissue implant practice?

This practice is carried out with patient’s own fat tissue and fat-stem cell. For that reason, it is considered safer and more lasting compared to other current fat implant practices with synthetic supplements.

Features of the fat implant

  • - No side-effects because no implants are used.
  • - Since only the pure fat is implanted through the latest device, the fat will be settled just fine.
  • - The needling work will not leave any scars because no skin is cut.
  • - You can have several areas treated by the practice.
  • - Any practice areas will be fixed just naturally.

Differences between the current fat implant and Harvest-jet fat cell implant

Section Harvest-jet fat cell implant Current fat implant
Safety Less of calcificationbecausethe fat stem cell implantpractice would use less fat. High possibility of inflammation and foreign substance occurrence
Fat survival rate
  • - Lower liposuction. Higher survival rate.
  • - Stem-cells become fat tissues in the implant area. They are survived as the fat tissues.
  • - Some of the stem cell is transformed into blood vessels in the implant area. That helps oxygen and nutrients delivered to the fat tissues in more favorable ways which would make the fat survive better.
The fat would not fit but separately exist.
Benefits Since the implanted fat would not be absorbed in a short period of time, you will get the meaningful volume increase effect only with one practice. For the facial implant practice, you will not get the volume increase as much as you desire only with one practice.
Durability of benefits As the stem cells get tightened in the implanted area, new fat cells would be added which would promise you for the longer durability of benefits. The supplement might be transformed and you might be even suggested to have the supplement removed. Even if the side-effects are completely treated, new tissues called the capsule will be produced around the supplement while the flesh covered the supplement gets aged and drooped.

Pictures before and after an operation


What is Pitangui’s stem cell fat implant?

As an upgraded version of the current auto-fat implant practice, Pitangui’s stem cell fat implant has been designed to solve the current problems as low survival rate and volume decrease. By extracting the stem cell and combining it with the fat tissue, the surgeon implants high-enriched fat stem cell to the regular fat cell. You will be satisfied our original stem cell fat implant.

What is so special about Pitangui’s stem cell aesthetic surgery?

  • - Stem cell nose aesthetic surgery: The nose bone and the nasal tip are beautifully reconstructed with more than 90% of a patient’s own fat.
  • - Stem cell breast aesthetic surgery: You can have the fat implanted to the thighs and the belly.
  • - Stem cell three dimensional baby face aesthetic surgery: You will have the whole face plumped.
  • - Stem cell wrinkles: You can work out on the wrinkles by the auto-fat implant.

Why would Pitangui stem cell survive so good?

The reason for why the current auto-fat implant has failed for the high survival rate is because the fat stem cell has not been properly provided with nutrients.
At PitanguiMedical&Beauty Center, the surgeon evenly combines the fat stem cell with the fat and implants it to the operation area. Once the surgeon has new blood vessels, he provides them with constant nutrients. That increases the survival rate and the durability and you will enjoy the benefits as long as possible.

Pictures before and after an operation



You will not make any cuts in the skin. With the filler practice, your problems will be treated in a short period of time.
Since it is non-operational you will not be worried about the scars and you can return to your routines right after the practice.
Are you afraid of a surgery, anesthesia and side-effects of the implant? Then you should go with the filler practice.


  • - Pitangui uses a certain amount of the drug which has been approved by FDA.
  • - You will be treated by a skillful specialist.

Areas of treatment

  • The flesh under the eyes

  • Many of the women in the twenties and the thirties are willing to have charm flesh under their eyes. It will take about 5~10 minutes for you to get it done.
  • Nose

  • No cuts are made. Any shapes and heights are possible with the filler practice.
  • Lips

  • Thin lips might make you look cold. As we inject filler into the lips, your lips becomes plumped and more attractive.
  • Laugh lines

  • Your laugh lines are plumped with filler.

After the filler treatment

  • - No rubbing on the area that you have received the treatment
  • - Not allowed for sauna for about a week
  • - No drinking. No smoking


엘레간 Co., Ltd. in USA first commercialized one of neurotoxins, called botulinum toxin, to the market under a name of botox. In the early stage, the drug was only used to treat a disease but since 1990’s, the medial field began to adopt the drug to remove wrinkles and to performa muscle reduction operation.


  • - It will take only 5~10 minutes.
  • - No pain since the operation is performed with the minimal anesthesia
  • - You can return to your routines right after the operation.
  • - The benefits appear after 2~3 days. By the second or the third week, the benefits would be maximized and it will last for about 6 months.

Areas of treatment

  • Forehead, Between eyebrows, Around the eyes, Nose, Around the lips, Chin, Neck

Pictures before and after an operation


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