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All about Liposuction and Rhinoplasty Surgery and Procedures

March 10, 2017 Published by admin

People have different views on procedures such as liposuction and rhinoplasty whereby some are for it with the improvements one can get from removing the unwanted fat in your body while others have the misconception that it is very unhealthy and can result to side effects. As I’ve stated this misconception have no basis from a medical standpoint only to those that do not see the medical advancement and how they are applicable to losing weight.


First of all, it is important to understand the procedure of both processes. The rhinoplasty procedure in Korea is used for reshaping your nose from all angles. The procedure is both surgical and cosmetic which is to say that it requires a bit of surgical incisions to reshape and cosmetics to maintain the new shape of your nose. Rhinoplasty in Korea seeks to improve the areas of the nose such as the nasal hump, tip or shape improvement. The preferences are up to you in fact, we have the different varieties of results that you can choose from simply visit our offices.


The rhinoplasty procedure is very straightforward and involves no medicine with side effects. It is perfectly applicable for anyone who desires nasal reshaping and its results are natural and everlasting. The nose you get will stay with you forever, or until you choose to go for another procedure.


Liposuction on the other hand is a procedure that seeks to improve your body shape by selectively removing fat from concentrated areas such as the stomach, arms, breast, back etc. As the name suggest, the procedure involves a machine that sucks the fat through a surgical incision and then the fat is removed and the incision is closed. Liposuction Korea utilizes state of the art equipment and our staff has many years of experience. We treat every case seriously and attend to our clients with the utmost care for their requirements and worries. You need not worry because liposuction in Korea is a proven experience for many who have undergone it. We offer consultation and guidance throughout the procedure to rid you of any concern you may have. Visit our offices at Pitangui Plastic Surgery in Korea today to learn more.